MEXICAN FRIED ICE CREAM – مکسیکن فرائیڈ آئس کریم

Learn How To Make Mexican Fried Ice Cream


 1: ice-cream 1 litre (any flavour)

2: bread slices 10

 3: cinnamon powder 2 tsp

4: caster sugar 1/3 cup

5: chocolate sauce (for serving)

6: pecans 8  or any nuts u like (chopped)

 7: spray cream (for garnishing)

 8: glazed cherries (for garnishing)

 9: oil for frying


 1: use a scoop to form balls of ice cream or use your hands to make the balls, place them   on a tray and freeze it till    firm 2 to 4 hours.

 2: then cut the edges of the bread and flatten with a rolling pin.

 3: now take the slices to mould around the ice cream, place it back in the freezer for 6  hours it frozen rock solid.

 4: mix cinnamon powder, caster sugar.

5: heat oil to 365f and add the frozen ball in the hot oil for only 15 seconds, take it  out place it on paper towel.

 6: now roll the ball in cinnamon and sugar mixture.

7: garnish it with cream, nuts, cherry and chocolate sauce.

 8: serve immediately.